One Big Reason to use Google Plus

One big huge reason to use Google Plus is Google

Google plus links show up in Regular Google results. That’s reason number one.

Obviously, Google likes itself even though it’s obviously determined to kill off parts of itself – see the horrible decisions they made to kill social in Google Reader, then they went on ahead and killed Google Reader itself.

At the end of the day, you’ll see in Google results that Google tends to rank some of its own properties for ranking at times. A great example is when they include videos in results – while it’s not impossible to rank with other sites like Daily Motion, YouTube videos dominate search results.

You’ll also see Google news taking up a spot in the results sometimes, and of course, even with personal results turned off, you’ll see Google Plus links in search results as if they were regular pages from some other site.

So there may be keywords and phrases that you can’t get a ranking for at your own site, but could by leveraging Google Plus.

So should you quit everything and become a convert?

Now that’s not to say that you should transfer all of your blogging, equity and expertise marketing articles to Google Plus. You need a home base that you own and control before you begin to incorporate other tools for distributing the content you create.

The point is that if you have a vehicle to leverage the outer lying keyword targeting that you may not be able to accomplish with your own site, doesn’t it make sense to spread them somewhere else on another site that could get ranked?

As long as the end result of creating content at other sites leads back to your own, up to a point it’s worth the risk. Think of all those remote outposts as roads, highways, and bridges leading back to your island of content.

Google and Google Plus are great highways to have on your side. Next week, we’ll address more in-depth reasons for using Google Plus, but for now, go spend some time poking around and getting a good feel for Google’s social network