Advanced Advertising Campaigns

Internet Advertising Campaigns and Strategic Internet Marketing – Advanced Internet Marketing

brandbuildingWe live in a Google world, let’s face it. The tools Google has supplied for us to connect each other with the rest of the world is quite impressive. Below is our Advanced minimum structure and an “average” pricing for a Three – Four Month Internet Marketing Campaign. Upon completion of this Internet Business Marketing Strategy, your website should still be updated regularly. We are more than happy to run a 6-12 month maintenance Campaign (or longer) to suit your Marketing needs.

Facebook and Google Adwords Campaign should be run regularly to reap the benefits of the groundwork we have laid for you. We will have nearly 300 hours of on-screen internet time involved in your Campaign over the three – four month period to include the below.

  • Google Adwords custom structure designed for maximum clicks from Google to your website while honing a budget that is affordable for you. We’ll get as many clicks as possible using high-quality Google Adwords Keywords while keeping funds within the budget you specify for your Google Adwords Campaign.
  • Up to Five (10) Structured Ad Groups within your Google Adwords Advertising Campaign for maximum Keyword Flow, Strategy and Effectiveness. 
  • Facebook Marketing with a custom structure and Banner highlighting your business, while bringing alive your personality and tune of your business using photos and videos. We dial in your audience using proven Facbook Marketing methods that have been tried-and-trued on Facebook for years. We’ll expand your Facebook reach through avenues to increase your “likes” by hundreds or possibly thousands during a Marketing Campaign.
  • Google Plus Marketing Campaign placing up to three professionally written posts each week with professional photos and stock photography for your Google Plus Business Page and overall Website and Marketing Campaign. Google Plus and Google Plus Authorship is an excellent aid in boosting your online presence and business.
  • Text Changes, Photo Changes and other necessary changes to your Web Site (where applicable) Also known as, “On Site Changes”.
  • 10 Professionally produced Youtube Videos for a Youtube Marketing Campaign. If you don’t already have Youtube Videos, this will get you started on Youtube with your website and Business.
  • Other available and additional Options include; Extra Videos, More and longer Blog writing and many other options for additional costs. We will discuss what is right for your campaign and will be in touch regularly.
  • Some of these options may not apply to your particular business, but all of them may. This is something we can determine for you to help suit your business Goals. We choose to meet in person with you when possible. When presence does not permit, we will conference call or video call with you. Which ever is most comfortable and convenient for you and your Company.

Costs: The “average” pricing shown below does NOT include the funds you should spend on Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. We assist you to determine those amounts properly after speaking with you and looking into your campaign and business goals. This type of Advertising Campaign starts at and average of around $2500.00 – $3,100.00 for a three-four month Marketing term. These numbers may be less, or more depending on the extent of your website or Marketing needs. We’ll steer you in the best direction to suit your budget.

Please contact us for custom Pricing and any other requests by email at or phone 912-580-5577