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What’s new in Google Voice

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Google Voice and Sprint

Sprint customers can now seamlessly enable Google Voice on their mobile phones without having to get a new number, or choose to display their Google Voice number when making calls from their mobile phone.

Number Porting

Take advantage of all of the features of Google Voice without changing your phone number with Number Porting.

What’s been keeping us busy…

Google Voice for iPhone

Make calls from your Google Voice number, get cheap rates for international calling, send free texts to U.S. numbers, and get push notifications when you receive new voicemails and texts. Get the Google Voice iPhone app.

Call phones from Gmail

You can now call any phone in the US and Canada for free and at very low rates internationally. And if you have a Google Voice number you can also receive calls from right within Gmail. Learn more about calling in Gmail.

New Voice of Google Voice

When you call your Google Voice number to listen to voicemail messages or make a call, you’ll be greeted by a new voice. Meet Kiki Baessell, the Googler behind this new voice.

Goodbye invites, hello open sign-ups!

You no longer need an invitation to sign up for Google Voice. Anyone can now sign up at

Enjoy some quiet time with Do Not Disturb

Google Voice now allows you to set your account to “Do Not Disturb” for a predetermined length of time. During that time, calls to your Google number will go straight to voicemail.

Videos of the top 10 features of Google Voice

Check out our brand spanking new YouTube channel, complete with 10 short videos that will help you get the most out of Google Voice.

Send SMS to multiple recipients

You can now send a single SMS message to up to 5 recipients. Just click SMS at the top of your inbox and start typing names or numbers. Learn more.

Extension for Google Chrome

The Google Voice Extension gives you easy access to voicemail, calling, and texting – all from a button on your browser. Plus, get notifications of new voicemails and simply click-to-call when a phone number is published on a website. If you’re not using it already, install Google Chrome first.

Get Google Voicemail for your existing number

You can now use Google Voice with your existing mobile phone number. You won’t get all the functionality that a Google number brings you, but you’ll get Google Voicemail, low priced international calling, and several other useful features. Learn more about Google Voice Lite.

Play voicemails within Gmail

Enable the Google Voice player lab and voicemail notification emails will include an embedded player so that you can listen to messages without leaving your inbox.

Receive & reply to SMS messages by email

With SMS forwarding, you can receive text messages via email. Reply straight to those emails to save on text message fees.

Google Voice mobile app

The Google Voice app for Blackberry and Android-powered phones allows you to make outbound calls from your Google number, read transcriptions of your voicemails, make low priced international calls, and send free SMS. Learn more about Google Voice mobile apps.

Change your Google number

If you’re not happy with your Google number, you can now switch to a new number for a $10 fee. Your old number will remain active for 3 months so that you have time to update everyone.

Keyboard shortcuts

Google Voice’s keyboard shortcuts allow you to do common tasks (like make a call or send a text message) with just a few key strokes. Check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts.