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Outdoor Website Design for your Outdoor Business

Before you Start with an Outdoor Website Design, or any Website Design for your Business, here are a few things you should know about.


web_designBefore you read on, please know that we will make ALL of this easy for you in terms you can understand and within your budget when at all possible. Building or Designing any Website on today’s Internet requires more than simply learning the HTML language and starting out with some random Website Template. You need to “rent” a place to put your Website and it’s Webpages, you will need a domain name (yourbusiness.com) for your business and you should understand the legal issues surrounding Web pages and sites. There is more to it than there ever has been to get started and be legal and have a great .com (domain name). See our Portfolio of Web Design and Advertising Campaigns Here. We will handle all of this for you and again, we’ll better help you understand the process as we proceed forward with your Website Design.

A Game of Words? Most Definitely!

Designing a website is not all about good looks. Equally important is the Website written content and the “keywords” written in the content of each page within your site. Webpages within your website must be written correctly using the latest search engine techniques if you hope to ever be noticed in the first three pages of a search engine within the nest decade. It’s become more complicated than ever before and the strategy is all about content perfection. Google has many rules and we do everything we can to stand by them and abide by them.

Your New Website should and will be Google Friendly

We custom write each website to tailor your business and target keywords in the content and links of your pages, among dozens of other important aspects of Website SEO. All this is taken into account and researched when your site is designed. Your landing page needs to load quick, be search engine friendly¬†and more specifically, Google Search Engine Friendly. And, the website must look good and load quickly all at the same time. Lots of cool stuff, really! We will explain each and every step as it’s completed.

It has become true that if you’re in business, you need a website. It is also true your Website should be Optimized to be Google Friendly using white-hat SEO techniques. And yet many small businesses are reluctant to get their business online because of the time or expense they believe is required. It’s not that expensive to get yourself into the information age. After all, this is your business we’re talking about. Not some “long shot” idea.

We will lead you through all these processes painlessly. The owner is a Professional Web-Designer and Google Advertising Professional. He works with his team to personally see you through all the processes of securing a name, hosting your website, graphics and logos, templates…. The whole nine-yards, so to speak. All in “plain English” so everyone involved is on the same “page”. Literally.

Prices for a clean, nice looking 5 page Website averages $890.00. Maybe less, maybe more depending on the number of pages in your new website and many other variables that can be implemented into it. This always includes a Logo for your Business if you need it. Also, If you need Marketing to expose your brand on Facebook, Google, Google Plus and Blogger, you will need Marketing help as well. See Website Marketing information here. Marketing prices are highly customizable to precisely suit your Business needs and demographics.

Our expertise is deployed using the following software and platforms. See our Web Design and Advertising Portfolio Here

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