Link Wheels and how do Link Wheels work

The Truth About Link Wheels

The Coastal Marketing Group offers Google Friendly Link wheel Marketing services and Back Link Campaigns, but before you jump in, there are many things you would know about Link Wheels how do Link Wheels work. It’s not the greatest marketing strategy since Google implemented serious search engine changes in 2014.

Just the same,Link wheels are still a preferred method of Internet marketing. There are a number of cyber bots that travel throughout the web. Link wheels are made of numerous articles and other web content that are placed on various websites and link back to the primary website a person is marketing. The bots travel through the link wheel and end up at the primary website, the money-making site. This is an effective way to boost search engine ratings and to generate more traffic to a person’s or company’s website, Period.

What Kind of Content Creates a Link Wheel?

The better quality the content that is put on the 2.0 websites, the more effective the organic nature of the link wheels will be. Back links, or website URLs, are posted in articles, online press releases, blogs, photo captions, and more, to result in a continuous cycle that leads people back to the main website. The more interesting and professional the main website is, the better chances the website will have at maintaining a good reputation and staying away from spam galaxies created by major search engines.

Where Does a Person Start to Create a Link Wheel?

The first step is to use a simple 2.0 website (such as Blogger, Weebly, or Google Knol) and write an article that has a link to a primary website, such as a main business website you wish to advertise. The second step is to write another review, article, or blog on a separate 2.0 website. This content should contain a back link that links to the first article on the first step. Repeat this process several times with each new article on a separate website linking to the website in the previous step. The result in is a link wheel that flows traffic through the links and pushes the ratings of the primary site higher up on search engines.

What Happens Next?

Once the link wheel has been built and all URLs or back links are in place in content on various websites, the flow of traffic should begin generating more to the primary website. This is because the link wheel will work to make the primary website higher upon the search engines and this gives companies that are advertising products, services, or values a significant advantage.

It can take a week or more for a link wheel to have time to activate and to begin showing results. However, the final result will be increased ratings on major search engines. This saves people an extraordinary amount of money from paying to rank high on search engines. Link wheels do work when executed properly. It is important to consider that building a link wheel involves time and effort in order for it to be effective. Creating links that lead to previous articles that a person has submitted on various websites will increase the generation of traffic that ultimately leads back to the main website of a company.